Encapsulate! No developers were harmed in this article! The object names was changed to protect the developers involved. I often see objects implemented as value objects (such as POJOs) that should be fully fledge objects instead! I have implemented a bunch of them myself over the years – but they usually infer problems like bugs … Read more

GIT Aliases

As a long time user of Linux I really like using aliases, it speeds up typing and repetitive commands. Git has also aliases built in so you can use it on all platforms. The only drawback with alias is that when you pair with a colleague or using another box, you cant use them without … Read more

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GIT Tip: Autocorrect

A neat trick to configure GIT to automatically correct your typos. Let say that you want to check the status of your repository and wrote: git stats You will get the following error: git: ‘stats’ is not a git command. See ‘git –help’.Did you mean this? status If there is only one command GIT can … Read more

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