Open Space in Berlin

Webstep Sweden had our yearly conference this time in lovely Berlin, one of the days I held Open Space together with my colleagues. As always it was really engaging and fun, and as always there are some groups that don’t want to stop even when the day has ended. Looking forward to next year!


When you are depressed your thoughts are quite different from when you are happy, if you feel creative and are happy will have a different outcome generating ideas than you are not. Nothing is more harmful to a positive creative attitude than fear, uncertainties and doubts (FUDS), yet people and companies allows FUDS to control … Read moreFUDS

The surprising truth about motivation

One of my favourite TED talks is Dan Pink “On the surprising science of motivation”. I also read Dan Pink’s book Drive – The surprising truth about motivation. Why I found the book and his talk interesting is because it helped me understand something I many times found contradictory – incentive and motivation. How incentive … Read moreThe surprising truth about motivation

How to break up with employees

I read an interesting article on Inc Magazine about handling people that leaves our company. I think the writer has a good point, it is better to have a good break up and leave a positive feeling on both sides, you may end up doing business together in the future. Image: Idea go / … Read moreHow to break up with employees

Rädslan för att göra fel stoppar innovation och utveckling

Min kollega Magnus Wikholm på Avega Group kommer att hålla en diskussion om rädslan att göra fel den 18/11 kl 11:00 på vårt kontor i Stockholm. Rädslan för att göra fel lägger en våt filt över innovation och utveckling. Många organisationers ledning och medarbetare är så fyllda av rädsla för att göra fel att beslutsprocesser … Read moreRädslan för att göra fel stoppar innovation och utveckling