Visual aids

Many meetings is conducted by people sitting around a table and just talking, and it seems that we often just talk around the issue or having problem to unite around what we are trying to solve. I have learned that I often have problem with doing several things at the time like listening, formulate an … Read more

Rädslan för att göra fel stoppar innovation och utveckling

Min kollega Magnus Wikholm på Avega Group kommer att hålla en diskussion om rädslan att göra fel den 18/11 kl 11:00 på vårt kontor i Stockholm. Rädslan för att göra fel lägger en våt filt över innovation och utveckling. Många organisationers ledning och medarbetare är så fyllda av rädsla för att göra fel att beslutsprocesser … Read more

On being wrong

A few days ago I finished Kathryn Schulz book – On being wrong, and it is really “an idea worth spreading” (She also have a TED talk which you can find here: I found the book very inspiring. I think it puts some of our communication problems in a new focus. We all know that … Read more