The surprising truth about motivation

One of my favourite TED talks is Dan Pink “On the surprising science of motivation”. I also read Dan Pink’s book Drive – The surprising truth about motivation. Why I found the book and his talk interesting is because it helped me understand something I many times found contradictory – incentive and motivation. How incentive … Read moreThe surprising truth about motivation

maven-antrun-plugin and Windows

Had a “funny” problem today, created a multi-pom project in Netbeans (on Linux) and it worked fine until my colleague tried to build the project on his Windows machine (same Maven 2 version). Maven produced the following code in the head pom file: <plugin><groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId><artifactId>maven-antrun-plugin</artifactId>….</plugin> which worked fine in Linux, but not in Windows. It took … Read moremaven-antrun-plugin and Windows