Open Space in Berlin

Webstep Sweden had our yearly conference this time in lovely Berlin, one of the days I held Open Space together with my colleagues. As always it was really engaging and fun, and as always there are some groups that don’t want to stop even when the day has ended. Looking forward to next year!

How to fail w. agile!

How to fail w. agile! November the 19th in Stockholm I will do a presentation about “How to Fail w. Agile”, how you can undermine your team and other stuff to ensure that the product doesn’t will ship. It’s free to attend and is combined with a small snack and the new James Bond movie. … Read more


Encapsulate! No developers were harmed in this article! The object names was changed to protect the developers involved. I often see objects implemented as value objects (such as POJOs) that should be fully fledge objects instead! I have implemented a bunch of them myself over the years – but they usually infer problems like bugs … Read more

GIT Aliases

As a long time user of Linux I really like using aliases, it speeds up typing and repetitive commands. Git has also aliases built in so you can use it on all platforms. The only drawback with alias is that when you pair with a colleague or using another box, you cant use them without … Read more

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